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Edward brought the maximum three goons with him. He picked a Gentle, a Warrior and a Worker.

-The gentle's name is Listener, and she's nominally Edward's secretary, though she doesn't have much secretary work to do. She's the eldest of the mandasars, chosen for her smarts but also because she hadn't established a hive of her own yet.

-The worker's name is Nod, and, unusually for workers, he was raised alone. Consequently he's a little slow, but also a little more independant than most workers.

-The warrior's name is Jeremy, and he's the youngest. He was barely a year old when he left Troyen and the couple who took him in didn't know his name, so they called him Jeremy. He's a huge fan of Zeeleepull and is really eager to prove his worth as Edward's bodyguard.

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As a King (in the insect sense) of Mandasars, Edward had certain powers:

SMELL: He has an enhanced sense of smell, on par with that of a mandasar. Everyone has a different smell, and Edward sometimes experiences it as sound or color or texture. He also seems to be able to smell people who are up to no good to a certain extent, but this hasn't been verified. What this amounts to is that Edward can smell your soul.

PHEROMONES: Edward can put out various kinds of pheromones. Mostly he uses them to communicate with his mandasar goons, and these smells are unobtrusive and inoffensive to humans, and he has near-perfect control of those. But he can also influence humans with pheromones, and this he does not always do consciously. Broadly, he can influence their moods. Specifically, there are several things he can do.
-Attraction: Basically, this pheromone makes your character attracted to Edward.
-Repulsion: The opposite. Edward generally has to concentrate to produce this effect, but basically, if your character was turned on, they'll be turned off, and probably want to run out of the room.
-Mandasar pheromones, like warrior musk or worker and gentle scents, or (as rarely as possible) royal pheromone, though those only work on mandasars and you don't have to be concerned about them. If I mention them at all it's only because one of Edward's goons are around and in need of reassurance or incentive or something.

Humans are generally not aware that this is going on. Their sense of smell is so atrophied and unimportant to them that they don't know when they're being influenced by it, so only the most extreme reaction will really make them question why they're suddenly acting the way they are.

NOTES ON RESISTING: As I implied in the last paragraph, pheromones are not an instant-win button. While subtle scents shouldn't tip off the average human, scents that induce an extreme reaction can sort of be picked up on and resisted. They won't know how it's happening, but if it's enough out of the ordinary for them, it's entirely possible to figure out something is up, mostly because hey, why is it I suddenly want to do this thing more than anything else in the world? Like the pinecone in Oglaf.
And if they know something is up, and they have the willpower, they can resist.

So the question is:

May Edward use his pheromones on your character? If so, is there anything that could complicate matters? Does your character also have an enhanced sense of smell and will they be aware that this is happening to them? Is your character not human in such a way that they don't experience smells in the same way?
What does your character's soul smell like? This should reflect their personality somewhat, but it can seriously be anything. Characters in the series smelled like buttered toast, or frost green, or the sound of thunderstorms, or the texture of a walnut, or even just feeling the need to yawn and stretch.

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Character's Name: Edward York, The Little Father Without Blame
Character's Fandom: Hunted, by James Alan Gardner
Character's Home Universe: What sets the universe of the League of Peoples apart from the others is a total commitment to non-violence. If you are sentient, you do not kill other sentient beings. If you kill a sentient being, you are non-sentient. And non-sentients are not allowed out of their home system. If they try, they simply drop dead the moment they cross into interstellar space. No one knows how this happens, but the higher-ups in the League are aliens with almost god-like powers. They don't give a shit if lesser species hurt, brainwash, enslave eachother, but they will not allow so much as a single solitary non-sentient being to travel the stars.

So, late into the 21st Century, aliens from the League of Peoples made first contact with humanity with a choice. "Join the League of Peoples. We'll give you a fresh, new, unpolluted duplicate of your homeworld to live on and the right to travel between the stars, provided you agree to this one simple rule: never kill sentient beings." This sounded like a pretty good deal, so four hundred years later, the human Technocracy spans hundreds of worlds all over the galaxy, and most people on these various worlds live in comfort and indolence. Youthboost has doubled humanity's life-expectancy, there's no war, little crime, and medicine can cure almost any illness or injury one might have, and in short, the government is required by the League of People's Law to prevent as much loss of life of its populace as it possibly can. But even in such societies, there still needs to be someone to take the risks.

Which brings me to the other thing that sets the League of Peoples books apart from other science fiction: because violent death is so rare, when it does happen it is devastating to those involved with the deceased. Especially detrimental to fleet morale were the deaths of popular, well-liked, and overall good-looking crew members. It therefore became the policy of the Technocracy's Outward Fleet to draft the ugliest sons of bitches into the part of the fleet in which death happened most often: the Explorer Corps. If you were ugly, deformed, or just plain weird, and yet not disabled in a way that would disqualify you from the Navy, there was an Explorer's black uniform in your future. After all, who cares if some freak dies on a hostile planet?

That's right: the heroes of these books are the equivalent of redshirts from Star Trek.

Edward himself is only an Explorer by virtue of being the son of Admiral Alexander York, who shunted him into the Explorers because they didn't have an admiral to protest against being assigned a 'hopeless retarded idiot'. But it turns out the black uniform suits him after all - his father, when he had Edward and his twin sister, Samantha engineered, had them designed to be 3% mandasar, so they could undergo a transformation that only mandasar females can go through, at the end of which tranformation they become a hive-queen. The process was tested on Edward before Samantha went through it. He was specifically engineered to be stupid so that he wouldn't get in Samantha's way. Once he had gone through the transformation, he was expendable.

Edward and Samantha were created as a plot to take over Troyen, and create a new race of superhumans to rule the galaxy. With the help of Festina Ramos, Kaisho Namida, the Balrog, and a family of mandasars from Celestia, Edward managed to foil that plot and put the rightful Queen of Troyen back on the throne. Samantha and her father were killed, and everyone lived happily ever after. Except for Festina who rode off into the sunset, as it were.

Canon Point you're taking him/her/it from: After the conclusion of Hunted, but before he's officially set up as Lord Protector, and married Counselor (as is briefly mentionned in Radiant)
Method of Arrival on Station: Contacted by a member of the Resistance and smuggled out to the JunkStation
Physical Appearance: He looks completely human. Let's get that out of the way right now. Mandasars look more or less like lobsters, and Edward may be 3% mandasar, but he looks completely human. In fact, genetic engineering has made him look perfectly human, emphasis on the perfect. He's tall, well-built, and has been described as 'devilishly handsome'. He's fifty-seven years old, but thanks to Youthboost he looks no older than if he were in his mid-twenties. These are the only things explicitly mentionned in the novel. He is, however, an opposite-sex clone of his twin sister, so I can extrapolate a few more characteristics based on the descriptions of his sister. Samantha had honey-brown hair, blue eyes, and a fair, freckled complexion. Edward has the honey-brown hair, which he keeps short, but not millitarily short, and the blue eyes, but his freckles have faded with time. 20 years cooped up in an observation post on Troyen's moon has really done a number on his skin - he's extra pale. He has two deep scars, one across his chest and a nasty gash on his forearm, from when one of his mandasar stepsons tried to play with him. He wears the uniform of the Explorer Corps, which consists mostly of a black jacket and slacks.

Personality: Edward believed for most of his life that he was just a run-of-the-mill black-market super-baby. Somehow the engineering process messed up and gave him a faulty brain. It's what keeps him humble. He's strong as an ox and very good-looking, but he's very aware of his lack of intelligence. Years of verbal abuse by his father, of being hidden away like the skeleton in his father's closet, mean that he's always been awkward around people. Long exposure to diplomats has given him a store of tips and tricks to use to avoid embarrassing himself, but he still tends to feel tongue-tied around strangers. The irony of this is that there was no mistake at all in Edward's conception: he was designed from the very beginning to be stupid. But something happened during the process which turned him into a king - he became highly intelligent, with an IQ on par, perhaps, with that of a mandasar hive-queen. This intelligence allowed him to figure out that Samantha was up to no good, but the realization that his sister was actually an evil mastermind was too much to bear, so he repressed his intelligence along with his powers.

20 years of repression have taken its toll on Edward's subconscious. When his true abilities were finally awakened, on contact with venom from the dead mandasar queen aboard Willow, he began to have episodes when he felt as if his body were being taken over by some foreign entity. He eventually discovered that this entity was the bundle of kingly instincts and intelligence that he had repressed for so long. He calls this part of him 'Smart Edward.' Edward is usually aware when Smart Edward takes over, but not always. Smart Edward is cunning, arrogant and charismatic, and seems to have better control of Edward's newfound powers than Edward himself. For instance, while on the Jacaranda, on the way to Troyen, Smart Edward begins to pump out a sex pheromone and flirt with Captain Prope. On the pretext of sex, Edward therefore gained access to Prope's quarters. Edward later woke up stark naked sitting at the captain's terminal with no memory of what he had done. He did not find out why Smart Edward needed access to Prope's quarters until later, when he discovered that Smart Edward had used a backdoor code to send reinforcements to Troyen.

Smart Edward is a misnomer, however, because Edward is not the dimwit he used to be. Though during his stay on Willow he was unable to analyse the situation and figure out that the crew of Willow died because they had tried to cross into interstellar space while carrying a non-sentient mandasar queen, by the time he landed on Troyen he was formulating complex strategies, and his neurons were firing like nobody's business. At this point he's probably just as intelligent as smart Edward, but Smard Edward is better at being regal, because he does not have Edward's essential humility.

Queen Verity once said she kept Edward around for curiosity value, because he was the most honest creature she had ever known. This honesty is a core element of Edward's personality. Though his sister might have been a twisted and immoral person, she taught him to be honest and kind and brave, and because of his lack of intelligence, he always relied on honesty as a source of self-respect. He is conscientious almost to obsession, taking the job of Acting Captain (to which he was promoted following the death of the rest of Willow's crew) seriously, even though there was no one else around, and expressing concern for Willow even while the threat of exile by the Navy loomed large in his mind. When the mandasars asked for his help against the recruiters, he agreed to help them, even though there wasn't much he thought he could do. The other thing driving him to be honest is the guilt he has born for 20 years, of having failed to protect Samantha and Queen Verity. The one thing he was tolerable at was being a bodyguard, so this failure haunted him something fierce. Now his newfound instincts and his guilt give him a strong desire to protect those whose safety he has been entrusted with.

Abilities and Skills: Edward has superhuman strength. He can put out pheromones with various effects on various beings. Among others, he's produced pheromones which can calm people down, imitated the scent of other people, and produced pheromones that make you want to have sex with him. The ability is somewhat involuntary. To go with pheromone production, he also has a strong sense of smell, with which he can identify people and other beings.

On the mundane side, he's also pretty good at martial arts, having received heaps of free martial arts training from the security guards in his dad's mansion, and later during the time when he lived at Unshummin Palace.

Sample: "... And we're through." said the pilot. While complete silence had not been required while stealth systems were engaged (no ship, even a Fay'lian one, being able to pick up an unrecorded conversation going on in another ship), Edward had found himself holding his breath as their small unmarked craft had weaved precariously through the Fay'lian blockade. To be honest, it wasn't much of a blockade. The Gate through which they had left Edward's universe and entered the Hub opened, on both sides, to remote corners devoid of any sentient life. Edward couldn't believe the godlike higher-ups of the League of Peoples didn't know about it, so he was forced to conclude they chose not to venture from the universe they knew. On the Hub side, the Fay'lia didn't seem to expect any serious firepower to emerge.

On the other hand, the resistance agent who had contacted Edward had told him that the unique circumstances of his universe made it too risky for Fay'lian occupation, and therefore would be slated to be destroyed. Since the gate wasn't being used, it wasn't a high-priority threat. But as long as it was a threat to the Fay'lia, the Fay'lia were a threat to it. Edward had been contacted because he helped end the war on Troyen, but privately he wondered how much he could do against an enemy the sheer size of the Fay'lian empire. Still, the agent had been right to come to Edward rather than to the higher ups in the Technocracy - they'd just make a mess of it. Whatever happened, Edward was going to do his damnedest to ensure the safety of the hive, and of the Mandasars, and the Technocracy, and all sentient life in his universe. That was a given. Just what that would entail would have to wait until he got more detailed information. It made him antsy not to know.

"Um, this station we're going to, the Senburu-Trati'salan. Any idea what I should expect?" he asked. What he really wanted to do was get up and walk around. Now that they had left the Fay'lian ships behind, he was a bundle of supressed energy, but there was no room in the cockpit to stand, let alone work off his steam.

"Well, it's... Nah, you really have to see it for yourself. Words just don't do it justice." replied the pilot with a grin. This was strictly true, but it didn't do anything to help Edward. It just frustrated him. The pilot continued to talk. "Look, I know it doesn't look like much, but it's what we got, you know? Rome wasn't built in a day and all that. If you don't like it then you can just leave, but don't expect a lift back from me." he said, suddenly grouchy and defensive.

"Uh, I'm sorry?" Edward replied, puzzled at the sudden hostility. Then it hit him - he must have released some sort of intimidation pheromone without realizing what he was doing, so the pilot had felt backed into a corner. Now that he was aware of the problem, he was able to fix it by putting out another, calming pheromone to counteract the earlier one. He got an immediate appology from the pilot. Edward made no response. He buried his face in his hands, ashamed. He needed to learn better control over his abilities.


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